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End of Year Fic Meme 2015

fics I wrote in 2015

Total Word Count:
Published: 367,178
Un-published: 105,983

Fandoms Written In:

Red Velvet

☆ ☆ ☆

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January?

Fandom: Red Velvet
Pairing: Sehun/Lu Han, Chen/D.O, Xiumin/Baekhyun (and now they're OTP.. what?)
Genre: Mpreg, tentacles, domestic, okay just the lantern faeries fic fuck

What's your own favorite story of the year?

Mists Of The Calla (Chanyeol-centric/ChanBaek)
This Side Of Paradise (XiuBaek)
Dream Catcher (XiuHun)
Song Of The Siren (ChenSoo)

(((( good puppy )))

Did you take any writing risks this year? What did you learn from them?

I challenged myself to write basically everything I said I ~ couldn't write and I learned that some pairings I really can't write and that some things are now my favouRITE

Do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the new year?

To finish all my huge EXO AUS, especially A Day Dream Away, RED VERSE, MINIMAL, Astrology AU, P&P, ASTRIDUR, and Toy City

☆ ☆ ☆

From my past year of writing, what was…
My best story of this year:

This Side Of Paradise, Mists(though full of horrible typos) and Dream Catcher

My most popular story of this year:

According to AO3 stats/LJ:

- 1: This Side Of Paradise (XiuBaek)
- 2: Good Puppy (XiuBaek)
- 3: Take It Slow (XiuHan)
- 4: Clumsy (XiuHun)
- 5: Dragonfly Across An Ancient Sky (LuChen)

Most fun story to write:

This Side Of Parade(Xiubaek) , Hideaway( XingDae), Here Kitty Kitty(Xiuhan)

Story with the single sexiest moment:

that one part in Lantern Faeries
you know the one

Most "holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story:

What does it say about me that even the terrible things aren't very shocking?

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters:

Mists Of The Calla I think! And possibly Dragonfly!
I learned a lot about Chanyeol while writing Mists and Dragonfly helped me get my 100% grip on Jongdae as a person(as well as the Siren!Chensoo), even though Lu Han was lurking over me while I wrote both

Hardest story to write:

Paper Birds(XiuhHun); It was the most personal story I wrote, and reflected a lot of my toxic personality and feelings at the time It's painful to even go back and reread it because it serves as a reminder of how just how toxic someone can get without being self aware of the fact.

When It Rains (XiuHan, Xiumin/Hakyeon): It was just painful, and not the kind of fic I want to be credited with writing tbh.

Biggest surprise:

When zyxisagod became my friend halfway through kaixingforyou and raved about her gift fic to me without knowing I wrote it, hehe

Most unintentionally telling story:

Paper Birds ,,, also Here Kitty Kitty and Chocolate And Coffee because ~ irl Kayleigh kinks ~

Favorite Opening Lines / Introductions:

Don’t look down.

A statement with more than one meaning; deeper than it is simple.
-- Dream Catcher

The shadows are back again. Crawling through red lights, bleeding from the television and seeping from the walls. -- Trust

-- Holes In The Sky

That little pocket of time right before the sun sets, right before the sky goes dark, sky grey but not black with lights flickering on in all the buildings across the river is Minseok’s favourite time of day. -- Chocolate And Coffee

-- Paper Birds

Favorite Closing Lines:

And when Chanyeol takes a bite of Gaelgorn bread, rich and wonderful, the taste of honey feels like home. -- Mists Of The Calla

you know, i really like triangles. something feels right about them in the way that the dream catcher feels right as it twinkles from the balcony. three is a good number, sharp, perfect. i wonder if master has any significance to three, to triangles. i'll ask. -- Dream Catcher

Placed carefully on a table near the door; the ornate ones with the creaky doorknob, rests a book of song, wound tightly and left with a message.

Make me known, for the sea never lies, and the sirens song changes with the very wind itself.
-- Song Of The Siren

Favorite 5 Line(s) from Anywhere:

The power of friendship cannot kill fire, but a phoenix can. -- Mists Of The Calla

-- Song Of The Siren

-- Dream Catcher

-- Holes In The Sky

And it really is art, the way Lu Han’s back arches, the way his hands scramble at the canvas, struggling to grip the material, head thrown back and eyes squeezed shut. -- Take It Slow

Top 5 Scenes from Anywhere You Would Choose to Have Illustrated:

any scene of my xiubaek faeries snuggling

sehun in lace stocking and panties from Dream Catcher.... bye

the wolf and cat from dragonfly

Chanyeol and Lu Han eating bread in Mists Of The Calla.

Alternatively little Jongdae in Mists Lu Han's pocket

New year's resolutions:


☆ ☆ ☆

→ longest posted fic: Dream Catcher, 76k words

Characters (posted fic only):

→ most common narrator: Lu Han/Minseok/Sehun/Chen
→ most common character: Lu Han
→ most common pairing: XiuHun, XiuHan, Luchen, XiuBaek

list of completed stories:
-- Candid(Taohun)
-- Take It Slow (xiuhan)
-- Song Of The Siren (Chensoo)
-- When It Rains (Xiuhan, Xiuyeon)
-- Chocolate And Coffee (Xiuhan)
-- Weary (Layhan)
-- Paper Birds (Sehun-centric, xiuhun)
-- Doomsday (Chanyeol-centric, Krisyeol)
-- Mists Of The Calla (Chanyeol-centric, baekyeol, suchen)
-- I'm Only Happy When It Rains (Xiuhun, Sexiuhan)
-- Here Kitty Kitty (Xiuhan)
-- Teacups (Xiuhan)
-- Trust (xiuhan)
-- Between Two Points (Xiuhan)
-- This Side Of Paradise (Xiubaek)
-- Good Puppy (Xiubaek)
-- Clumsy ('Cause I'm Falling In Love)(Xiuhun)
-- Yearning For Moonshadow (Xiuhun)
-- In The Morning (Xiuhun)
-- Noble Heart (Xiuhun)
-- I Think I'm Falling For You (Xiuhun)
-- Horror Pop (SuHan)
-- Dragonfly Across An Ancient Sky (Luchen, Baekxing)
-- When I need You The Most (Luchen)
-- Deep Breath (Kaixing)
-- Ailurophobia (Baekchen)
-- Yun (Sexing)
-- Hideaway (Xingdae)
-- Holes In The Sky (Sutao)
-- Songbird (Subaek)
-- From The Attic Of Her House (Seulrene)
-- Softly We Go (Seuldy)
-- Dream Catcher (Xiuhun, sexiuhan)
-- Interruptions (Neo)
-- Redamancy (Neo)
-- Soft Vampires (Lukai)
-- I Will Remember Your Face (Suchen)

list of wips:

-- Hydrangea (Girls!Xiulay), an offshoot of ASTRIDUR (xiulay, luchen, chansoo, sukai, baekhyun-centric, Sehun centric)-20/40k
-- MIRRORS (xiuhun,luchen, baekxing)-5/30k
-- A Daydream Away (xiuhan)-6/250k
-- Minimal AU (Xiuhanchenlay)1/45k
-- 2540 (xiubaek, suchen)-10/30k
-- RED VERSE (Luchen)-1/150k
-- Polaroids & Paintbrushes- 3/15 parts
-- Sexiuhan fey city-est. 45k
-- Toy City (Chanyeol-centric)-est. 20k
-- Lu Han In Wonderland (Luchen, xiubaek)-est 30k
-- Flower Faerie AU (Taegi, Lh/Jin, minseok/hoseok) - 25k
-- Xiulayhan Sad Demon AU-n/a
-- The Hunger Maze (xiulaychen)-n/a
-- ZODIAC AU (Secret pairing as of now) -60k
-- Proving One's Self (xiubaekhan)-10/40k
-- 'Lu Han collects boys' (xiuhanchenbaekxing)-10k
-- Private School AU (BTS, MX, Namyu, Lovelyz, Apink, 17)-est 30k
-- Cloud Faeries (sexing)-n/a
-- Trashmeetstreasure (xiuhan)
-- Neighbours Sutao
-- Byunhwa (xiubaek)
-- Tongue Tied (Girl!Xiuhan)
-- Fever Swamp (suchen)
-- Quasi Una Fantasia (sulay)
-- Private Lessons (Xiulay)
-- Witch Jisoo & familiar kitty Kei (lovelyz)
-- Another Sad Love Song (suhan)
-- UNIT0922--JINYOUNG (JJ Project)
-- xiubaek rich boy tutor au
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