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A Splash Of Colour Through Monochrome Dreams

“In the evenings, before I went to sleep, and in the mornings, in the moment I woke up, I realized I was praying for rain.”
― Makoto Shinkai, The Garden of Words

Call me Squid. This is my masterlist.
Arranged by group and then pairing.
Note: I permit translations, remixes, and art of my fics, but please ask permission first and link back to the original.

Fics are no longer posted directly to Live Journal but instead to AO3. However, I do continue to update this masterlist constantly so please refer here for the complete list of my fics~

fics marked with "♅" are favourites.


Paintbrushes & Polaroids (temporarily discontinued)

~ Beneath the heavy clouded sky and above the crowded and never-ending city are a group of lost souls, fighting and loving between art and reality and all that comes in between.'
*fics will not be posted in linear order Most fics can be read as a stand alone, but some references will not be understood.
[Part 1] -- Candid
R 6k [Tao/Sehun] "I'm supposed to tell a real life story. A relationship, love, reality, something like that. But like, you know, it needs to be believable. Messy even."
[Part 6] -- Take It Slow
NC-17 1.2k And it really is art, the way Lu Han’s back arches, the way his hands scramble at the canvas, struggling to grip the material, head thrown back and eyes squeezed shut.
[Part 7] -- Chocolate And Coffee
NC-17 1.8k 'Some people are artists, and some are just art, but Minseok has always seen Lu Han as both. Has always seen him as the very drops of water that spill from the sky, as the beautiful stroke of a finely written letter.'


To Dance Is To Fly

To write is to create, to dance is to fly, to sing is to soar, and to scrape metal over strings is to place love in even the coldest of hearts.
Part 1: Chains
(a series of drabbles, part 2 and 3 will be more fic based)

Member-centric fics

PG 1.4k [Lay-centric, Lay/Lu Han]
Summary: He forgets it's his birthday.

Paper Birds
R 10.5k [Sehun-centric, Sehun/Xiumin]
Summary: All Sehun has ever wanted is his happy ending.

Doomsday [AO3]
R 3.1k [Chanyeol-centric, implied Kris/Chanyeol] warning(s): multiple character deaths
Summary: It’s a last chance of sorts. Save a planet, re-colonize there. Bring their species back from the brink of extinction. (sort of a pathcode/mama!au)

Mists Of The Calla
R 55, 778 [Chanyeol-centric, Chanyeol/Baekhyun, Suho/Chen] Warning(s): On LJ Post
Summary: Through the fog, and across a vast unknown land, a failed knight finds his purpose, a snobby prince learns to love, and the enemy of one’s enemy, is truly a friend after all.


Sehun/Xiumin/Lu Han (SeXiuHan)

Dream Catcher
NC-17, 75k *SeXiu features as the main individual pairing
Summary: From womb to tomb, we are bound to others. Past and present. And by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future” -- Sonmi-451, Cloud Atlas
* Warning in fic post

Suho/Chen/Lay (SuChenLay)

Feverish Love
G, 1.1k
Summary: Jongdae gets sick.

By Pairing

Xiumin/Lu Han (XiuHan)

Here, Kitty Kitty
NC-17 4k Warning(s): master/pet dynamics (petplay), kitten!Lu Han, handcuffs, orgasm denial, mentions of illegal activity, slight humiliation, mentions of toys, roleplay, piercings
Summary: 'High off the adrenaline of a recent heist, Minseok and Lu Han decide to play a little and Lu Han is nothing but devastating in a collar and leash.'

Teeth On My Waist (I Come Undone)
28k. NC-17. warning(s): unprotected (vampire) sex, rimming, minor non-exo character death, slight violence, ex-members Lu Han and Kris.
Summary: “When you’re soulmates, it hits you like lightning, and you know that’s the one person in the world you are meant to be with. You don’t think you’re soulmates, you just know it’s your destiny, whether you like it or not.”

PG 5.2k
Summary: It’s an odd place, the coffee shop, but Lu Han is just a little more strange.

R 3.6k warning(s): horror, supernatural elements
Summary: No one believes Lu Han about the shadows on the walls, or the creatures inside the mirror, but Minseok does.

Kiss Me Slowly (Taste Your Lips and Feel Your Skin)
NC-17 5.7k
Summary: Minseok refuses to admit the strange, pretty boy from the bus is attractive, even while the other is sucking marks into his skin.

Don't Be Dramatic
PG-13, 1k
Summary:“I’m trying not to be so antisocial
Truth be told, I’m not entirely hopeful
I’ve woken up on one too many floors
But my favorite was yours”
–The Lucksmiths, “There Is A Boy That Never Goes Out”

Way Station
R 9k
Warning(s): tentacles, strange pacing, criminals, space stuff
Summary: Minseok is the prettiest thing Lu Han’s ever stolen from the Fleet, and he doesn't think he wants to give this one back

Xiumin/Baekhyun (XiuBaek)

This Side Of Paradise [AO3]♅
NC-17 17.5K Warning(s): tentacles, sexual tentacles, temperature play, voyeurism, mentions of minor selfcest, mpreg, minor violence, weird childbirth(oviposition)
Summary: Hatched in a backyard and bound by their souls at birth, two frosty faeries grow up and embark on a journey to find new places and a home.

Good Puppy
NC-17 10.8k Warning(s): Dog!Hybrid (corgi), puppy!play, sex (non heat)
Summary: Minseok disapproves of hybrid culture and adopts Baekhyun on a humanitarian whim. Baekhyun just wants to be a good puppy, the best puppy Minseok has ever wanted, could ever have.

Ice Dance
R 23k Warning(s): angst, non-linear storytelling, unhealthy attachment, post-apocalyptic/dystopian world
Summary: "Ice Dance," Baekhyun whispers, cold fingers trailing across the etched words. "Why would anyone want to dance in the ice?"

Xiumin/Chen (XiuCHen)

Strictly Unprofessional
NC-17 3.7k
Summary: Minseok and Jongdae own a Cafe together. During the day business is business, but it's what happens after closing time that no one needs to know.

Xiumin/Sehun (XiuHun/SeXiu)

Clumsy ('Cause I'm Falling In Love)
PG-13 5k
Summary: Sehun’s first year in his dorm is starting out awful, and the cute boyish RA with amazing abs really isn’t helping. Or maybe, he’s the only one actually helping.

Yearning For Moonshadow
NC-17 1.9k
Summary: Minseok is home for the first time in a while.

In The Morning[AO3]
NC-17 1k. Warning(s): A/B/O Dynamics

Noble Heart
R. 1.9k.

Lu Han/Suho (SuHan)

Horror Pop
PG-13 3.6k
Summary: Joonmyun is quirky and kind of too obsessed with astrology, but Lu Han will go to any lengths just to get his crush to like him back.

Lu Han/Kai (LuKai, KaiLu)

Soft Vampires series
R-NC-17 2.3k overall (3 drabbles)
Summary: Jongin had insisted that Lu Han change him. He had no idea what he was getting into.

Lu Han/Chen (LuChen)

Dragonfly Across An Ancient Sky
NC-17 36k
Warning(s): reincarnation, violence, minor character death, some angst
Summary: Jongdae has lived locked away his entire life under the assumption that a group of bandits want to eat his heart. He grows up on Legends about the Alpha Wolf, a Sun God of the Ancient lands. When Lu Han steals him away in the middle of the night claiming to be the Alpha, Jongdae doesn’t know whether he’s here to kill him or protect him.

When I Need You The Most
NC-17 3k [Side! Baekhyun/Lay, Sehun/Xiumin]
Summary: On stage they're battling for a trophy but backstage everybody wins

Sometime Around Midnight
PG-13, 2.4k
Summary:He feels more alive at night with the moon hanging above him; the cool air of night time fluttering across his bare arms and the way the darkness surrounds him in a way that feels like home.

Lu Han/Lay (LayHan)

Dear You
PG-13, 3k Warning(s): Anxiety disorder, implied depression
Summary: es·cape; an act of breaking free from confinement or control

Lu Han/Baekhyun (LuBaek/BaekHan)

Venus Bound
NC-17, 2k
Summary: “For love, although we think it warm, can be as violent as a storm.”

Lu Han/Sehun (HunHan, SeLu)

(Don't) Let Me Go
R, 18.5k warning(s):drug use, cigarette use, mentions of depression, self-inflicted emotional abuse, weird colour symbolism, angst, weird timeline.
Summary:Minseok is always the first to tell Lu Han when he’s being dramatic, when he should stop, move on. But he can’t help it; first loves are dramatic, unstoppable, a constant haunting that comes to breathe in his ear.

Kai/Sehun (SeKai)

Untangle Me
NC-17 6k Warning(s): undercourse under the influence of alcohol
Summary: Jongin doesn’t do one-night-stands, and Sehun isn’t a bottle of fine wine, but he’ll have to do anyways.

Kai/Lay (KaiXing)

Deep Breath
NC-17 3.5k
Summary: Inspiration comes in the strangest forms, in the strangest people, but Jongin is willing to let himself be figured out.

Sehun/Lay (SeXing)

Girl!Yixing PG-13 3.8k [Side! Xiumin/Lu Han]
Summary: Fate comes about in the most mysterious ways - like 7am in a parking lot, when it quite literally lands on Sehun.' Cloud faeries!AU

Sehun/D.O (SeSoo)

PG 2.3k
Summary: Sehun wants a date and Kyungsoo just really wants to do his job.

Interview With The Vampire
PG-13 7.6k
Summary: Sehun's blood roars through his ears and terror twists his stomach, has him lurching forward with a kind of fear he’s never had before. Kyungsoo might die because of him.

Chen/Lay (XingDae)

PG-13 3.4k
Summary: Yixing is clingy, but Jongdae is used to it.

Chen/D.O (ChenSoo)

Song Of The Siren (외침) (AO3) ♅
R (for themes), 4.5k Warning(s): major character death, weird writing, siren!kyungsoo, melodramatic sad Jongdae
Summary: The sea never lies. It never keeps secrets, just washes over and caresses the things that poke at its shores. Kyungsoo is all of these things; Kyungsoo is just like the sea. But the thing about the sea is that the tide always changes, falls back, and the thing about the sea is you can never quote catch it and make it stay.

Suho/Tao (SuTao)

Holes In The Sky
R 6.6k Warning(s): mentions of sexual happenings, softcore angst, gross metaphorical astronomy references, very brief mention of daddy kink
Summary:Zitao goes on vacation to escape the stress of art school, to draw galaxies and paint constellations. Joonmyun is there to teach him how.

This Love, We're Professional
NC-17, 8.3k Warning(s): Implied/referenced drug use, misuse of mama powers, broken relationship, general angst
Summary: The flow of time may stop for Zitao, but he can’t turn back a broken heart.

Suho/Baekhyun (SuBaek)

PG-13 4440 words.
Summary: Joonmyun’s star artist has left, his record label has gone bankrupt, and he’s on a midnight train to New York City to try and piece his life back together. Enter Baekhyun, some obnoxious kid who talks too much and who ultimately convinces him to take a chance.

Suho/Chen (SuChen)

I Will Remember Your Face
PG-13, 2k Warning(s): brief mentions of violence, mentions of background ableism, blind character
Summary: Jongdae comes home from the battlefield a blind man, but he has his childhood friend to help him rediscover himself and the world around him.

Suho/Lay (SuLay)

Adagio Sustenuto (The First Movement)
PG-13, 1.4k
Summary: It's not as if Yixing doesn't have a home. He has plenty; the one he pretends is his home, the one he makes for himself in his school's practice rooms, and the one that presents itself to him from the falling leaves of innocent trees. It's just that this voice sounds more like home than anything he's ever encountered before.

Baekhyun/Sehun (SeBaek)

Stuck On You
R, 500w
Summary: Sehun and Baekhyun can never quite decide who's going to bottom when. Leave it to Jongin to give them a fail safe solution.

He's My Friend
NC-17, 8.5k
Summary: He’s my friend Baekhyun thinks, and he’s right. Sehun is his friend, his best friend. And Baekhyun, who’s known Sehun since he was a teething tiny vampire, knows that he shouldn’t be feeling this way about someone that’s just a friend.

Baekhyun/D.O (BaekSoo)

Fragile Passion
PG-13, 2.2k
Summary: Romantic is the last word Kyungsoo would ever use to describe himself with.

Baekhyun/Chanyeol (ChanBaek, BaekYeol)

PG-13, 850w
Summary: Cliche anniversary drabble

Baekhyun/Kai (KaiBaek)

When The Cherry Blossoms Fade
R 4.5k
Warning(s): Major Character death, angst, terminal illness, non-linear
Summary: Maybe Jongin's selfish, but he just wants to hear Baekhyun sing one more time, wants to drape himself across Baekhyun's stomach and listen to how his heartbeat matches the vibration of the song that comes from his lips.


Suga/Jin (YoonJin, JinGa)

Farewell, Stars (Livejournal)
PG-15, 3.7k
Summary: "Engines offline. Core is now at Seventy Degrees Celsius. Ship will break the Sun's atmosphere in Seven Earth days."

V/J-Hope (VHope)

PG-13, 1.6k Warning(s): Wolf!/ABO Dynamics, bound mates
Summary: And it's not as if Taehyung doesn't want Hoseok, he's just nervous, afraid to tell him of the full moon, eyes dusted with fear as he stares into sparkling water.

Moon's Tears
PG, 1.5k
Summary: Seokjin is late.


Member Centric

It's Hard To Get Around The Wind [I.M-Centric, implied KiKyun]
PG-13, 1.2k Warning(s): implied/referenced character death
Summary:Changkyun doesn't take this walk often.


Seulgi/Irene (SeulRene)

From The Attic Of Her House (Where She Hid Herself For Days)
PG-15 2.5k Warning(s): car/pedestrian accident, implied depression/PTSD, internalized homophobia, underage characters (not sexual)
Part 1 of Poison Oak
Summary: Between first place and gold auditoriums, back rooms and balconies, between tears and smiles, between white walls and the cool touch of wood, there is always love.

Three Years, Six Months, Two Days
PG-13 1.1k Warning(s): angst, self esteem, post accident, PTSD implications
part 2 of Poison Oak
Summary:Between small spaces and hurried corridors, crowded offices and stages full of gold, between tears and smiles, between white walls and cool touch of fingers to keys that once belonged to beauty, there is always love.

Seulgi/Wendy (SeulDy)

Softly We Go
PG-13 2.7k
Summary: Wendy really wasn't expecting to spend her reunion sleepover with a power outage and the girl she loves impossibly close, but hey, things happen.


N/LEO (Neo)

Home Is Wherever I'm With You
PG 500 words
Summary: Moats and boats and waterfalls, alleyways and payphone calls, I've been everywhere with you.

PG-15 1.6k
Summary: 'It’s like every other weekend except not really.'

PG, 1.4k
Summary: Taekwoon enjoys his quiet life in the port region of Juder. So why is he on a fake date with an excitable human? And why is he enjoying it?


Sleep Song
[Seunghee-centric] part of 'Hotel Cynthus'
PG 2.5k
Summary: protection, A voice whispers, a gust of wind coming from the box in the stairwell and into Seunghee's sleeping ears.

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